10/09/2013 Indian rupee opened higher after a long weekend||Nifty, Sensex Open updates with sure shot calls

Given that we are in a bull market after an expanded weekend, the market begin to be in a good mood today. The sensex surges 348.45 points or 1.81% or 19618.11 while nifty is up 104.25 or 1.84% or 5784.25.

Today Indian rupee opened higher by 85 paise at 64.39 per dollar versus previous session. We have seen gains against the dollar. After a long weekend rupee also expected to continue its recent strength.The currency may be crack 65/USD and trade in a range of 64.20-65/USD.

The another factor fanning market volatility is syria.In a month that was already known to be eventful, syria has jumped to the front burner and has sharked up with volatility across market,not only of all the oil market.


BSE sure shot intraday calls-

Buy HDFC bank above 627.35 target 628/629 stoploss 627.

Buy Jindal steel above 237.15 target 237.30/238 stoploss 236

NSE Intraday calls-

Sell BHEL below 140.80 target 140.50/140 stoploss 141

Buy Infosys above 3087.00 target3087.95/3088 stoploss 3086