NIfty Can trade below 8000 @ Where is Best( Safe) Investment in Bank Nifty

We can seeing last 2 days stock market is going continue downfall, the market has to debilitate. These 2-day session has dropped more than 1000 points in the Sensex, while Nifty has  turned out around 8100. Is there market will go more down , the share who will support you in this confused time. Know the answers to these questions by Technical & Fundamental Expert.

Now I am Advices to long term Investors , The level of 8450 in the upper levels or best Resistance levels in Nifty. The Nifty is crucial, but the market in 8000 is expected to go down. The market currently would not advise for buying.

You can buy Nifty When it’s cross the levels of 8450, Currently you can  Sell Nifty for target below 7950. Buy Bank Nifty at the levels of above 18,450.