Right Mentality while Trading Leads to Perfect Profit !!

Hey All!!!

I am Kinjal Sanghvi and today I am gonna discuss a very interesting topic with all the traders and investors taht is What Mentality should be kept in mind While Trading ????

Here are few Thing that should be kept in mind while Trading:

1. Expect Realistically: I have seen many of the people starts trading with unrealisitic thought. It is very important to be realistic when you are trading. I will explain you with an example, One open a trading account with 1,00,000 suppose and he/she expect to get 20-25% profit. This thought is really very unrealistic.As said earlier, trading is a business. Do you know any other business which gives you such high returns right from the start? This business is no exception.

2. Avoid Doing Overtrading: Once your startup is wrong you or Once you start with the unrealistic expectations, you keep making mistakes which make for a complete recipe of a failure. By doing this you not only keep miss the target but also you loose money.

3. Try to avoid Persistant Trading: When you starts winning perfect profit, You keep trading even more out of greed. You are not required to trade everyday to make consistent money from it. As few as one or two trades a week can make a lot of money for you if you plan it properly.

I believe My article will be useful for every one who is doing trading. For more information Commodity MCX NCDEX Calls.