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Today Jackpot shares, the share of the investment returns you to the bumpers.

EIH Associated Hotels Limited-
EIH is one of the nation’s largest hotel chain. The company Oberoi, Trident brand is a 5 star hotel chains. The company name Oberoi hotel and 18 of them in 12 countries and 6 abroad. Trident is the name of the ten 5-star hotels. UAE, Morocco, Doha, Qatar soon to open in the company.

Who are the promoters –
Promoter Oberoi family company is 35 per cent. While 16.5 per cent of FII and DII. 18.5 per cent of the country’s largest company, ITC 14.98 per cent and 5.6 per cent of the country’s largest investor is LIC.

Why Buy EIH shares –
The company has a market cap of Rs 7200 crore. The company is majority owned hotel. Only two hotels in Mumbai’s Nariman Point is more than the value of Rs 7,000 crore. The company’s revenue in fiscal 2015 to Rs 1365 crore, Rs 100 crore and EBITDA margin is more than 300 million.

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