Mutual funds invest in equities reached the lowest level in 21 months

Mutual funds updates

In February, only 2,522 crore in equity mutual funds was invested. Which is the lowest in 21 months. Mutual funds invest in the stock market has declined due to a steady decline. This is the third consecutive month when equity mutual funds invested in equity markets declined.

In February, according to data of Association of Mutual Funds mutual funds invested in equity is Rs 2,522 crore, while Rs 2,914 in equity mutual funds in January and in December Rs.3644 had invested.Mutual funds invest in equities in February, the lowest since May 2014. In May 2014, equity mutual funds had invested Rs 2,022 crore.

In 2015, the average equity mutual funds had invested Rs 7550 crore. Declining market share in mutual funds is believed to be the cause of declining investment. Sensex had tumbled by 7.51 per cent last month. Equity investor’s money by collecting a large number of mutual funds, bonds and money market Invest in