Stock Market Struggling, Bankex Sector Down | Nifty Tips

down_stock_marketMarket opened flat on the Monday trading session. Rupee declined by 10 paise and opened at 67.18 against Dollar. Market is struggling to be bullish. Sensex is down 6 points at 27796 and Nifty is down 0.55 points to 8541. Indian Sectors are trading mixed. Oil & Gas Sector is leading of all with 136 points at 10583. Nifty Mid-Cap is showing its average performance with hike of 72 points at 14507. BSE Bankex sector is lacking with 54 points to 21322. Bullion market is also moving low. Gold dropped 134 points at 30871 and Silver dropped 300 points to 46321. Asian market pacing low with Nikkei at 16651 hike 23 points, Shanghai Composite drifts by 7 points to 3019 and Hang Seng dropped 63 points to 21900.

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